Gamma World: Famine In Far-Go Character Origin Cards


With the recent release of Gamma World:  Famine In Far-Go, I have produced a series Character Origin cards in the same style as the core rulebook origin cards I released previously.  These cards are a tool to speed up character creation and aid play.  Have your players roll their origins and then hand out the appropriate cards to them.  These double-sided cards reprint almost all of the information found in the origin section of the rulebook, including the origin’s name, description, full trait information, critical hit ability, and power names.  They contain all the information a player needs while creating their characters and serve as a handy reference during play.  Since power descriptions are too lengthy and really deserve their own cards, I have only included their names.

Character Origin Card Sample (Front/Back)

I have also updated the original set of cards to fix typos, adjust the order in which the information is presented in some cases, and remove some extraneous wording from the front of most cards.

In addition, I  have created a handful of extra cards to serve as quick references.  They are as follows:

Critical Hit Benefit / Uber Feature Card:  At 2nd level, players can place the Critical Hit Benefit side of this card under the origin card of the origin from which they chose their critical hit benefit to serve as a reminder.  At 10th level, the Uber Feature side of the card can be used to remember which uber feature has been chosen by placing it under an expert power card, omega tech cards, or an alpha mutation.

Omega Tech / Salvaged Gear Card:  The Omega Tech side of this card gives the run down on Omega Tech card rules, particularly the Omega Charge roll.  The Salvaged Gear side details how salvaging works, and can be placed near or under salvaged Omega Tech cards to distinguish them from non-salvaged tech.

End of Encounter / Difficulty Class By Level Card:  This is intended as a GM quick reference card.  The End of Encounter side gives a run down of the common things that happen post encounter (e.g. Omega Charge check, changing Alpha Mutations, handing out rewards, etc.)  The Difficulty Class By Level side reprints the chart of the same name from the rulebook as well as the list of skills found in Gamma World.

Core Rule Origins / Famine In Far-Go Origins Card:  This is intended as a GM reference card.  The Core Rule Origins side lists all the origins from the Gamma World Rulebook, the Famine in Far-Go Origins side lists all the origins from the first expansion.


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5 responses to “Gamma World: Famine In Far-Go Character Origin Cards”

  1. Anonymous says :

    very cool and nice work. Have tried the first set on a campaign during Christmas vacation and they greatly simplified the game and process of character creation. Thanks a lot for sharing with us. I highly recommend.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Any chance for a blank/editable one for custom origins?

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