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Gamma World: Character Sheet

Saw Boss, Wheeled Plant

Let’s face it, the character sheet that comes with Gamma World is… lacking.  I’m all for simplicity, but the one in the box just doesn’t cut it.  Yes, it is colorful.  Yes, it will fit in the box.  Yes, it says Gamma World on it.  But I want something more robust.  So as a GM with more time on his hands than common sense, I set out to create my own.  I present to you, the One Inch Square Gamma World Character Sheet:

Front (click for large version)

The front side features just about every bit of information you’ll need in front of you during play.  The most important items are highlighted with a bold border to help them stick out.  Sections that are used in creating the character but aren’t directly referenced in game (e.g. the columns of various bonuses for skills) are slightly greyed to set them off.  Wherever possible, hints are given in cells to show where a particular bonus or bit of information should come from to speed up character generation and add clarity.  Here’s an example of the front side filled for a first level character.

Back (click for large version)

The back side has a place for the player to record which powers, etc., they’ve taken at each level as well as a large area for notes.  There are also places to record which Alpha and Omega cards the player has in order to keep track between sessions.

The character sheet does not have space for power descriptions (though one could use the “notes” section) as it is assumed that players are using some sort of cards or printouts with that information on it.  And of course I recommend the Character Origin Cards found on this blog as an aid in character creation and play.

Download:  One Inch Square Gamma World Character Sheet [PDF]