Gamma World: Character Origin Cards

That’s One Big Bug

Gamma World, by design, has a much simpler character creation process than the 4th Edition D&D rules from which it mutated.  It simplifies the gameplay experience while at the same time greatly reducing the time between rolling up a character and actual playing him or her (or it!)

However, the concept that characters should be able to be rolled up and ready to play in 15 minutes suffers from a fatal flaw, and it’s a flaw not in rule design but rather a matter of resource limits:  There’s only one rulebook.  And since you can’t buy rulebooks separately, the beginning of your Gamma World session is likely to involve a fair amount of book passing.

To address this issue, and in keeping with the card theme of Gamma World, I have produced a series of Gamma World Character Origins Cards intended to be printed and handed out to players when they’ve rolled for their origins.

Gamma World Character Origin Card (Front/Back)

These double-sided cards reprint almost all of the information found in the origin section of the rulebook, including the origin’s name, description, full trait information, critical hit ability, and power names.  They contain all the information a player needs while creating their characters and serve as a handy reference during play.  Since power descriptions are too lengthy and really deserve their own cards, I have only included their names (For power cards, I recommend these fantastic cards by AH_Anarchy).

The cards are standard size (2.5in x 3.5in), come 9 per sheet, and are intended to be printed with the descriptive information on one side and the trait information on the other.  You’ll probably want to print a few copies of each to have enough to pass out when players roll duplicate origins.


(Credit:  The card backgrounds were based on designs by Wizards forum user Nasty_Nick and based in part on the AH_Anarchy designs).

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6 responses to “Gamma World: Character Origin Cards”

  1. magehammer says :

    Looking good, dude! Keep the Gamma flame burning.

  2. Joshua Harris says :

    Love it! Now get to work on the Famine in Far-Go origins! HAHAHA

  3. g33kymonkey says :

    Thanks. I sprung Gamma World on my unsuspecting group last night and we had a blast. The one rulebook really sucked between the five of us.

  4. Steve Lawson says :

    These are beautiful. Thanks for making them.

  5. Anonymous says :

    Phenomenal! Legion of Gold coming any time soon?

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