Cataloguing the Art of the Monster Manual


Copper Dragon, by Vance Kovacs

The 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons is perhaps the most beautifully illustrated to date. The artwork begs to be shared, and at the table I enjoy showing players exactly what terrors they are facing. Pulling out the Monster Manual each time, however, can be cumbersome, especially when trying not to reveal the monster stats. As such, I prefer to use printouts of monster art or now, in the age ubiquitous digital devices, display them on a tablet.

Unfortunately, there is no complete digital art gallery available for the Monster Manual. In addition, although the Monster Manual credits all of the contributing artists, it doesn’t tie these credits to individual pieces. This makes tracking down a specific artist to see more of their work a bit of a chore.

To remedy these issues, I scoured the internet in an attempt to track down as many high quality original (i.e. not scanned from the book) versions of the art shown in the Monster Manual and determine their respective creators. Fortunately, many artists proudly display their work as part of their portfolio or on social media, and Wizards of the Coast has released some of it through various channels.

What follows is a list of every monster in the 5th edition Monster Manual for which there is a piece of primary artwork. This art is almost always directly above or near the stat block, but in a few cases multiple monsters are combined into a bigger full-page piece (see Myconids). For purposes of this list, I have omitted the artwork that is not directly tied to a stat block (such as monster sketches, backgrounds, section illustrations, etc.) Monsters with no art are omitted from this list.

Every monster for which I could find artwork from a primary source (i.e. the artist themself or Wizards of the Coast) is linked to that art. I made every attempt to link to the highest resolution image I could find. In some cases, I have linked to multiple pieces of art if the original varies from the printed version in some meaningful way (see Azer).

Wherever it was possible to determine it, I have listed the artist who created the work. In some cases the credit is simply a studio (e.g. Conceptopolis). If I was able to determine the name of a specific artist at a studio who produced a work, I credit them both.

This catalog is far from complete. I encourage readers who can identify the artist of a monster lacking a credit, and who can link to a high quality digital version, to post in the comments. Artist homepages, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are excellent places to look when attempting to track down individual pieces. If you are an artist who contributed to the Monster Manual, please say hi in the comments as well.


Aarakocra by Christopher Burdett, page 12
Aboleth by Mark Behm, page 13
Adult Blue Dracolich by Ralph Horsley, page 84
Air Elemental by Kieran Yanner, page 124
Allosaurus: See Dinosaurs
Ancient Black Dragon by Craig J Spearing, page 87
Ancient Blue Dragon by John-Paul Balmet, page 90
Ancient Brass Dragon by Daniel Landerman, page 104
Ancient Bronze Dragon by Craig J Spearing, page 107
Ancient Copper Dragon by Vance Kovacs, page 110 and title page
Ancient Gold Dragon by Autumn Rain Turkel, page 113
Ancient Green Dragon by Daren Bader, page 93
Ancient Red Dragon by Zack Stella, page 97
Ancient Silver Dragon (Monster Manual) by Tom Babbey, page 116
Ancient Silver Dragon (Original) by Tom Babbey, page 116
Ancient White Dragon by Lars Grant-West, page 100
Androsphinx by Brynn Metheney, page 281
Animated Armor by Autumn Rain Turkel, page 19
Ankheg by Christopher Burdett, page 21
Arcanaloth by Andrew Mar, page 313
Archmage by Tyler Jacobson, page 342
Azer (Monster Manual) by Milivoj Ceran, page22
Azer (Original) by Milivoj Ceran, page 22


Balor by Conceptopolis, page 55
Bandit Captain by Vincent Proce, page 344
Banshee by Tomas Giorello, page 23
Barbed Devil (Hamatula), page 70
Barlgura by Conceptopolis, page 56
Basilisk by Ilya Shkipin, page 24
Bearded Devil (Barbazu) by Mike Sass, page 70
Behir by John-Paul Balmet, page 25
Beholder by Kieran Yanner, page 28
Beholder Zombie by Conceptopolis, page 315
Black Dragon Wyrmling, page 86 (previous printed in 4th edition’s Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons)
Black Pudding, page 241
Blights (Needle, Twig, Vine) (Monster Manual) by Conceptopolis, page 31
Blights (Needle, Twig, Vine) (Original) by Conceptopolis, page 31
Blink Dog by Conceptopolis, page 319
Blue Slaad by Rudy Siswanto for Conceptopolis, page 275
Bone Devil (Osyluth) by Filip Burburan, page 71
Bone Naga by Conceptopolis, page 233
Bronze Dragon Wyrmling, page 109
Bugbear by Steve Prescott, page 33
Bulette by Cory Trego-Erdner, page 34
Bullywug by Conceptopolis, page 35


Cambion (Monster Manual) by Milivoj Ceran, page 36
Cambion (Original) by Milivoj Ceran, page 36
Carrion Crawler by Brynn Metheney, page 37
Centaur by Wesley Burt, page 38
Chain Devil (Kyton) by Marco Nelor, page 72
Chasme by Conceptopolis, page 57
Chimera, page 39
Chuul by Kate Pfeilschiefter, page 40
Clay Golem by Jasper Sandner for Conceptopolis, page 168
Cloaker by Mark Behm, page 41
Cloud Giant by Justin Sweet, page 154
Cockatrice by Filip Burburan, page 42
Couatl by Conceptopolis, page 43
Crawling Claw by Jim Pavelec, page 44
Cult Fanatic by Lindsey Look, page 345
Cyclops by Tomas Giorello, page 45


Dao by Conceptopolis, page 143
Darkmantle by Mark Behm, page 46
Death Dog by Rudy Siswanto for Conceptopolis, page 321
Death Knight by Conceptopolis, page 47
Death Slaad by Conceptopolis, page 278
Death Tyrant by Kieran Yanner, page 29
Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin), page 164
Demilich by Michael Berube, page 48
Deva by Conceptopolis, page 16
Dinosaurs by Marc Sasso, page 79
Displacer Beast by Conceptopolis, page 81
Djinni by Conceptolis, page 144
Doppelganger by Vance Kovacs, page 82
Dragon Turtle, page 119
Dretch by Muhamad Faizal Fikri for Conceptopolis, page 57
Drider by Daniel Landerman, page 120
Drow Mage, page 127
Druid by Jesper Ejsing, page 346
Dryad by Richard Whitters, page 121
Duergar by Jasper Sandner, page 122
Duodrone by Julie Dillon, page 225
Dust Mephit, page 215


Earth Elemental by Kieran Yanner, page 124
Efreeti by Conceptopolis, page 145
Empyrean by Cory Trego-Erdner, page 130
Erinyes by Allen Williams, page 73
Ettercap, page 131
Ettin by Kieran Yanner, page 132


Faerie Dragon by Mike Sass, page 133
Fire Elemental, page 125
Fire Giant by Daniel Ljunggren, page 154
Fire Snake by Christopher Burdett, page 265
Flameskull by Conceptopolis, page 134
Flesh Golem by Conceptopolis, page 169
Flumph by Conceptopolis, page 135
Flying Sword, page 20
Fomorian by Conceptopolis, page 136
Frost Giant by Justin Sweet, page 155
Fungi (Gas Spore, Shrieker, Violet Fungus), page 137


Galeb Duhr by Conceptopolis, page 139
Gargoyle by Brynn Metheney, page 140
Gas Spore: See Fungi
Gelatinous Cube (Monster Manual) by Conceptopolis, page 242
Gelatinous Cube by Conceptopolis, page 242
Ghast by Ryan Pancoast, page 148
Ghost, page 147
Giant Eagle, page 324
Giant Fire Beetle by Conceptopolis, page 325
Giant Spider by Brynn Metheney, page 328
Gibbering Mouther by Conceptopolis, page 157
Githyanki Warrior by Emrah Elmasli, page 160
Githzerai Monk by Emrah Elmasli, page 161
Glabrezu by Conceptopolis, page 58
Gnoll (Monster Manual) by Conceptopolis, page 163
Gnoll by Conceptopolis, page 163
Goblin by Steve Prescott, page 166
Gorgon by Zack Stella, page 171
Goristro by Conceptopolis, page 59
Gray Ooze, page 243
Gray Slaad by Conceptopolis, page 275
Green Hag by Conceptopolis, page 177
Green Slaad by Rudy Siswanto for Conceptopolis, page 275
Grell by Daniel Landerman, page 172
Grick by Conceptopolis, page 173
Griffon, page 174
Grimlock by Milivoj Ceran, page 175
Guardian Naga, page 234
Gynosphinx by Brynn Metheney, page 282


Half-Ogre by Conceptopolis, page 238
Half-Red Dragon Veteran by Conceptopolis, page 180
Harpy by Jesper Ejsing, page 181
Hawk by Martias Tapia, page 330
Hell Hound by Rudy Siswanto for Conceptopolis, page 182
Helmed Horror by Mathew Stewart, page 183
Hezrou by Conceptopolis, page 60
Hill Giant by Justin Sweet, page 155
Hippogriff, page 184
Hobgoblin Warlord, page 187
Homunculus by Brynn Metheney, page 188
Hook Horror by Cory Trego-Erdner, page 189
Horned Devil (Malebranche) by Jim Pavelec, page 74
Hydra by Zack Stella, page 190
Hyena, page 331 (previously printed in 4th edition’s Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale)


Ice Devil (Gelugon) by Dave Dorman, page 75
Ice Mephit, page 215
Imp by Slawomir Maniak, page 76
Incubus by Conceptopolis/Richard Suwono, page 285
Intellect Devourer by Conceptopolis, page 191
Invisible Stalker by David Vargo, page 192
Iron Golem by Conceptopolis, page 170

J, K

Jackalwere by Conceptopolis, page 193
Kenku, page 194
Kobold by Conceptopolis, page 195
Kraken by Christopher Burdett, page 197
Kuo-Toa by Min Yum, page 198
Kuo-Toa by Zoltan Boros, page 199
Kuo-Toa Archpriest by Zoltan Boros, page 200
Kuo-Toa Whip by Zoltan Boros, page 200


Lamia by Brynn Metheney, page 201
Lemure by Jasper Sandner, page 76
Lich (Monster Manual) by E. M. Gist, page 202
Lich (Original) by E. M. Gist, page 202
Lizardfolk by Conceptopolis, page 204


Magma Mephit, page 216
Magmin by Toma Feizo Gas, page 212
Manes by Conceptopolis, page 60
Manticore (Monster Manual) by Zack Stella, page 213
Manticore (Original) by Zack Stella, page 213
Marid by Muhamad Faizal Fikri for Conceptopolis, page 146
Marilith by Conceptopolis, page 61
Mastiff by Rudy Siswanto for Conceptopolis, page 332
Medusa by Richard Suwono for Conceptopolis, page 214
Merfolk, page 218
Merrow by Rudy Siswanto for Conceptopolis, page 219
Mezzoloth, page 313
Mimic by Eric Belisle, page 220
Mind Flayer (Illithid) by Conceptopolis, page 222
Minotaur by Brynn Metheney, page 223
Minotaur Skeleton, page 273
Monodrone by Julie Dillon, page 224
Mud Mephit, page 216
Mummy by Vincent Proce, page 228
Myconid Adult: See Myconids
Myconid Sovereign: See Myconids
Myconid Sprout: See Myconids
Myconids by Hector Ortiz, page 231


Nalfeshnee by Conceptopolis, page 62
Needle Blight: See Blights
Night Hag by Conceptopolis, page 178
Nightmare by Conceptopolis, page 235
Noble by Daniel Landerman, page 348
Nothic, page 236
Nycaloth, page 314


Ochre Jelly, page 243
Ogre by Mark Behm, page 237
Ogre Zombie, page 315
Oni, page 239
Orc by Conceptopolis, page 246
Orog by Marco Nelor, page 247
Otyugh by Brynn Metheney, page 248
Owlbear by Brynn Metheney, page 249


Pegasus by Dave Dorman, page 250
Pentadrone by Julie Dillon, page 226
Peryton, page 251
Phase Spider, page 334
Piercer by Brynn Metheney, page 252
Pit Fiend by Michael Berube, page 77
Pixie, page 253
Planetar by Conceptopolis, page 17
Plesiosaurus, page 80
Pseudodragon by Tom Babbey, page 254
Pteranodon: See Dinosaurs
Purple Worm, page 255


Quadrone by Julie Dillon, page 226
Quaggoth, page 256
Quasit by Autumn Rain Turkel, page 63
Quipper by Cyril Van Der Haegen, page 335


Rakshasa by Ilya Shkipin, page 257
Rat, page 338
Red Slaad by Rudy Siswanto for Conceptopolis, page 275
Remorhaz by Cory Trego-Erdner, page 258
Revenant by Christopher Moeller, page 259
Riding Horse, page 336
Roc by Conceptopolis, page 260
Roper by Brynn Metheney, page 261
Rug of Smothering, page 20
Rust Monster by Brynn Metheney, page 262


Sahuagin by Conceptopolis, page 263
Sahuagin Baron, page 264
Salamander by Christopher Burdett, page 266
Satyr by Lake Hurwitz, page 267
Scarecrow by Dave Dorman, page 268
Scout by Lindsey Look, page 349
Sea Hag by Conceptopolis, page 179
Shadow, page 269
Shadow Demon by Conceptopolis, page 64
Shambling Mound by Ilya Shkipin, page 270
Shield Guardian by Conceptopolis, page 271
Shrieker: See Fungi.
Skeleton by Autumn Rain Turkel, page 272
Smoke Mephit, page 217
Solar by Conceptopolis, page 18
Spectator by Kieran Yanner, page 30
Specter, page 279
Spined Devil (Spinagon) by Michael Berube, page 78
Spirit Naga, page 234
Sprite, page 283
Steam Mephit, page 217
Stirge by Brynn Metheney, page 284
Stone Giant (Monster Manual) by Marco Nelor, page 156
Stone Giant (Original) by Marco Nelor, page 156
Stone Golem by Conceptopolis, page 170
Storm Giant by John-Paul Balmet, page 156
Succubus (Monster Manual) by Richard Suwono for Conceptopolis, page 285
Succubus by Richard Suwono for Conceptopolis, page 285
Swarm of Bats, page 337


Tarrasque by Cory Trego-Erdner, page 287
Thri-Kreen by Ilya Shkipin, page 288
Thug by Tyler Jacobson, page 350
Treant, page 289
Tridrone by Julie Dillon, page 225
Troglodyte, page 290
Troll by Daniel Ljunggren, page 291
Twig Blight: See Blights


Ultroloth, page 314
Umber Hulk (Monster Manual) by Cory Trego-Erdner, page 292
Umber Hulk (Original) by Cory Trego-Erdner, page 292
Unicorn by Toma Feizo Gas, page 294


Vampire, page 295
Vampire Spawn by Conceptopolis, page 298
Vine Blight: See Blights
Violet Fungus: See Fungi
Vrock by Conceptopolis, page 64


Water Elemental by Kieran Yanner, page 125
Water Weird, page 299
Werebear, page 208
Wereboar by Conceptopolis, page 209
Wererat by Conceptopolis, page 209
Weretiger by Conceptopolis, page 210
Werewolf, page 211
Wight by Autumn Rain Turkel, page 300
Will-o’-Wisp by Hector Ortiz, page 301
Winter Wolf, page 340
Worg, page 341
Wraith by Justin Sweet, page 302
Wyvern by Brynn Metheney, page 303

X, Y, Z

Xorn by Mike Burns, page 304
Yeti, page 305
Yochlol by Conceptopolis, page 65
Young Red Shadow Dragon by Craig J Spearing, page 85
Yuan-Ti Abomination by Conceptopolis, page 308
Yuan-Ti Malison (Type 1) by Conceptopolis, page 309
Yuan-Ti Pureblood by Conceptopolis, page 310
Zombie by Conceptopolis, page 315

10 responses to “Cataloguing the Art of the Monster Manual”

  1. J. Carl Henderson says :

    Credit on the Troll should likely be:
    Daniel Ljunggren

  2. J. Carl Henderson says :

    Conceptopolis (no specific artist) claims the Yuan-Ti Pureblood at:

  3. jcarlhenderson says :

    One caveat: it is possible that some of the Conceptopolis monsters I sent you URLs for might have been from the 4E Monster Manual. I think most are correct to the 5E MM, though.

  4. Jack toland says :

    I think Richard Whitters did the mephit art.

  5. Jack toland says :

    The mephits are by Richard Whitters, they got confirmed in Ghost of Saltmarsh.

  6. Jack toland says :

    Also, the barbed devil is by Sam Wood, it was taken from a 3.5 edition monster manual.

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