Handout: Kalarel’s Specter

This is a little something I Photoshopped up for my D&D game where I’m running H1: Keep on the Shadowfell.  It’s a handout I created to show the player’s Kalarel’s spectral apparition.  If it’s useful in your game, feel free to use it.

Kalarel's Specter

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3 responses to “Handout: Kalarel’s Specter”

  1. Narfang says :

    Thats nice!

    My player finished KotS a long while ago and have done Thunderspire Labyrinth too, but now, they are lv 9 and i'm planning to bring Kalarel from the “dead” ; Orcus returned him to “life” as a Shadowy-undead to stop the characters. This is exactly what i was looking for! thanks!

  2. Kevin says :

    dude, that’s righteous!

    I just started running Keep on the Shadowfell and i was afraid that i would be able to make minis for some of the enemies, well at least i don’t have to worry about Kalarel’s spectral apparition. Thanks for taking the time to do this, much appreciated.

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