Painted Hirst Arts Chest


Hirst Arts Chest Unpainted


Hirst Arts Chest Painted 2




  • Thinner (50% Water, %25 Liquitex Slo-Dri, %25 Windsor & Newton Flow Improver
  • Vallejo Game Color 2 White Primer
  • Vallejo Game Color 42 Parasite Brown (drybrushing)
  • Vallejo Game Color 43 Beasty Brown (base coat)
  • Vallejo Game Color 45 Charred Brown (wash)
  • Vallejo Game Color 53 Chainmail Silver (chest bands and latch)
  • Vallejo Game Color 68 Smoky Ink (wash)
  • Vallejo Game Color 70 Matt Varnish (clear coat)


  • Prince August Super Detail Size 3 (primer coat)
  • Vallejo Size 0 (base coat/wash)
  • Privateer Press Formula P3 Fine Hobby Brush (chest bands and latch)
  • Reaper Pro Paint Size 2 (drybrushing)

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