SMH Interior: H5 – Upper Entry Chamber

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As with other floors, the upper entry chamber features alternating arrowslits, stone walls, stone and wooden tudor posts (double and corner), and a flickering LED torch wall. Stairs leads to the next floor (with a bit of poster tack to keep it in place) and the door to the outside is on the northwest wall. (In game, this door almost certainly swings in).

Poking up from the floor below is a piece of foam board cut to fit between two floors so that it provides a pillar to support the middle of the upper floors. This is purely a structural piece for the terrain and I told the players it doesn’t exist in the game world.

The northern floor is made up of two solid wooden floor pieces, while the southern part is composed of two ruined stone floor pieces. Again, some artistic license had to be used in interpreting the cutaway map. I opted to make northern part whole, and the southern part broken as that was the easiest to implement with these tiles and still get across the idea of a big hole in the floor.

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